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“Coworking is about making the personal choice to work along side other people instead of in isolation.” – Seattle Collaborative Space Alliance

“Coworking Spaces are places that can facilitate the act of coworking. I like to think of coworking as a kind of club, and a coworking space as the clubhouse. Without a club that people want to be a part of, the clubhouse doesn’t have a reason to exist.” – Alex Hillman

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Photos: co-working day downtown Vernon, BC

On May 20th, we decided to have a big group co-working session at Triumph Coffee (3401-A 30th Ave) downtown Vernon.

Industry Mailout generously sponsored the meeting room, food and drinks. We had about 12-13 people show up throughout the day. We worked, we had a great lunch, and we demoed different projects that we’ve been working on. Justin was also on hand to talk about Canada’s new Anti-Spam Legislation.

Here’s a few photos:

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