Geek Beers tonight at Marten Brewpub, Vernon

It’s Geek Beers tonight, 5pm – 8pm at Marten Brewpub. I’ve booked the long table. Hope to see you there!

Here’s a story:

When I moved to Vernon in 2012, my biggest worry is that I wouldn’t be able to find people who were interested in tech, business, design, the web, coding, remote working, blogging.

Then I met Kazia. She wanted to start an event called Geek Beers. We did the first one at Sir Winstons. A bunch of people came. Amazing people: a great variety of folks from different backgrounds, and with different skillsets.

Geek Beers Vernon BC

It showed me that Vernon has one thing that many towns lack: awesome community.

We’ve never made Geek Beers super structured. You can’t sponsor a Geek Beers and give a boring sales presentation. It’s not about showing up “so you can hire a programmer.”

Geek Beers is about one thing: long-lasting building friendships. That’s it.

If you’re into that, you should come tonight!


By Justin

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