Mega Geek Beers in Vernon, BC

Update: Wow. It looks like there could be quite a crowd tonight.

A big group of tech folks (nerds, makers, IT people, developers, designers, creatives) are converging at Marten Brewing in Vernon, BC. This Thursday, Feb 25th, people from Kelowna, Kamloops, and Vernon are getting together for MEGA GEEK BEERS.

Marten Brewing is going to be super busy tonight (there’s 2-3 other groups reserved there), so please be patient with the serving staff! (Also, they’re only doing credit card tabs tonight. If you have cash it’s “pay as you go.”)

The special tonight is half-priced wings! A full 20 oz pint at Marten is only $6. (Daryl and I tried the Dunkel Bock, and it’s really good.)

What is #megageekbeers? It’s a central gathering of geeks for great beer, BBQ and conversation.

Where: At Marten Brewery in Vernon(right next to the Naked Pig). We’re trying something new: we’ll be UPSTAIRS in the “mess hall.” There’s a couch + private balcony for us to hang out on, plus tons of tables and chairs so we can sit down and eat. Should be fun!

Who: Entrepreneurs, IT people, developers, designers, and creatives who want to connect with other people. Whether you’re an ideas person, hardcore programmer, UX expert, maker (or just really like beer) you are welcome to join!

When: Thursday, Feb 25th, 2016, 5pm-8pm (maybe even later?)

How: Just show up! Ride-sharing is happening from both Kamloops and Kelowna.

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