The MegaMaker Burrito

Hello Vernon / Okaganan friends,

The MegaMaker burrito is coming to Vernon, BC on January 22nd.

The story:

This week I’m doing a collaboration with Station BBQ for my new podcast (MegaMaker). The goal of the podcast is to explore people who make stuff and the stories behind what they make.

So this week Eric (the chef) and I set out to make the world’s best BBQ burrito. You can watch us building the prototype here.

I got immersed in the whole process: working in the kitchen at Station, coming up with a prototype with Eric, testing it, discussing costs, and marketing it.

The burrito:

The MegaMaker Burrito is filled with BBQ pulled pork (the meat is the star of this dish, sauced with our custom sauce), baked beans, wild rice, and cheddar cheese.

Served on a bed of slaw and lettuce leaf. Topped with maple-peach salsa and cheese. Comes with a side of fries and a beverage.

Come for lunch!

We’re going to serve it as the lunch special at Station BBQ this Friday (Jan 22). Want to come?

Here’s a list of who’s coming →

Let me know if you’re in!

Justin Jackson

PS: Geek Beers is next Thursday (Jan 28th) at the Marten Brewery!

By Justin

Professional burrito maker.

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