A makerspace for Vernon?

There’s a lot of interest in attracting tech talent and companies to Vernon. Truthfully, every municipality in the world is trying to do this right now. If Vernon wants to be successful, we have to focus on our uniqueness.

Vernon is a city of makers. We’re do-it-yourselfers, we’re people that create things from the ground up. We start small, and grow from there.

If we want to improve the local economy, we need to support the makers.

Here are some examples of the need:

  • There’s quite a few people who work in the film industry. This includes editors, voice-over talent, and videographers. I know a number of these people; they’re having a hard time finding studio space.
  • There are a number of local members interested in hardware technology, like the Raspberry Pi micro-computer. They’ve been looking for a meeting space, but haven’t found a venue.
  • Likewise, Startup Vernon has run a few programming workshops locally, but have always found the venues to be lacking. We need a regular “hack space” where we can meet every week.
  • 3D printing has become a global phenomena, with lots of local interest. But the equipment is expensive to purchase up-front.

Want to support makers? Give them a space.

I just came back from a visit to Edmonton. They have an awesome Makerspace that’s hosted by the downtown library. Here are some photos:

If Vernon wants to support the “maker economy” we could create a maker space. This would be a place where members could use a soldering iron, book a sound studio, rent equipment, or participate in a workshop.

It could become the central meeting place for people tech: software developers, hardware hackers, designers, and creatives.

The space would create economic activity by enabling members to bootstrap businesses, access equipment to make products, and empowering people to create partnerships.

What do you think? What would you like to see in a Vernon makerspace?

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Hi right now there is a lot of open space in Vernon, do we need to have a permanent place or could we do short term pop up facilities that could move based on availability?

For economic dev reasons, I think it’d be better to have a permanent location. Something we can point to and say: this is a meeting place, a central hub, for tech in Vernon.

There’s a lot of visitors who pass through Vernon who are in tech, and might want to move here. If we had a single place they could go (kind of like a visitor center for geeks) I think we could encourage more people to move here.

I totally agree, I have been prototyping various equipment in the garage the past 2 years and i’m tired of having to bring things over to other friends workshops to use tools that could all be in one location so we could all share.

Hi folks just found this site just now and thought you may be interested. My makerspace may not be on the scale you are thinking of but I am up and running and thought you could give me some advice. I am not in it to make a ton of money just hoping to help with rent and the fact I am keen to share my tools and skills.

Anyhow I have a website, it has two URLs first is temporary the second is just waiting to go live any minute!


This would be my second home! Techshop in SF is similar to makerspace, loved it while i was there. I would participate in workshops also. Creates a fun community! I’m an industrial designer/software developer so I’d love to see laser cutters, 3D printers, arduinos, raspberry pie, electronic parts for purchase (sensors ect) soldering irons… offcuts and waste materials from local manufacturing would be fun to play with as well… products could be developed from these materials and this could improve sustainability of our local
economy. Great idea love it.

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