Triumph Coffee in Vernon, BC

Vernon’s big co-working day

Are you a freelancer? Remote worker? Interested in co-working? Come for our “Big Co-Working Day Out” at Triumph Coffee, Tuesday, May 20th, from 10am-2pm.

We’ve done other co-working meetups before, but this one will be bigger: to help celebrate the grand opening of Triumph Coffee (3401-A 30th Ave) we’ve booked their gorgeous meeting room: it has great high speed internet (20 mbps down, 5 mbps up), awesome coffee, and great food.

Talking about food: Industry Mailout (an email newsletter company specifically focused on Canadian companies) is sponsoring this week’s meetup. This means you’ll enjoy amazing coffee and delicacies made by Triumph’s staff, for free. 😉 Justin will also be available for anyone that has questions about Canada’s new anti-spam legislation.

Co-working is about getting out of your home office, and enjoying the company of other people (in an environment with some energy) while you work. It’s a great way to collaborate, learn from others, and also (surprisingly) get a lot of work done.

Want to come? Get your free ticket here.

Get your free ticket

Get your free ticket

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