Is a remote workforce the future of jobs in the Okanagan?

You might not realize it, but a growing number of people moving to the Okanagan (and Vernon, BC) are working remotely for companies nowhere near here.

In Vernon alone we have folks working for head offices in San Francisco, New York, Edmonton, Calgary, Vancouver, and Toronto.

Remote work, or telecommuting, offers its own unique set of perks and challenges, but it’s popularity amongst the tech business community is growing.  Is this remote workforce the future of jobs in the Okanagan?

Are you curious about remote work? Join us for a panel discussion on March 11, 2014, from 6:00 pm – 7:30 pm, at the Vernon Chamber Of Commerce Board Room (2nd floor).

This is a great opportunity for:

  • students interested in remote working careers
  • business owners interested in how hiring and managing remote employees works
  • government officials who want to learn about building a “remote” economy
  • current remote workers who want to network with others
  • anyone else interested in applying for remote work jobs

Click here to get a free ticket for the event.

On our panel: Justin JacksonMarty DillMikey ArceJames LoveKyle Newton, Marco Ariano, and Linda Mork.

More resources:

PS: You need to register here in order to attend the event!

The event has been generously sponsored by Sproing Creative.

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